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FEST is a brand manufacture of electric equipment over 18 years. We have complete sets of milktea and meat machines.


All machines are stock items, usually shipped by air, door to door, so don't worry even urgent order.


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machine milkshake 1/2/3 cups

Bubble tea shaking machine is a kind of professional and commercial machine to shake up bubble tea and other cocktail drinks automatically. It can be used to serve up delicious shaken ice teas, milk teas, and other types of beverages by adding ice and shaking to make the flavour taste good. This shaking machine is suitable for different sizes of shaker. It's high quality, easy to operate; saves time and labor. It's a necessary tool in bar, bubble tea shop and beverage shop.

meat slicer machine

The slicer has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and health, even meat cutting effect and automatic roll forming, and the blade of the meat cutting machine adopts imported Italian blades and belts and belts.

Suitable for cutting boneless meat and other mustard with elastic food, cutting raw meat into meat slices, etc. Automatic slicing machine, planing mutton slicer, meat slicer, sliced mutton slicer, planing machine.
There is a unique automatic lubrication device, powerful power, is an indispensable meat processing machinery in hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units.
All our bone saw machines are adjustable thickness, hand operated, high effiency, for meat and bone sawing, good for home and meat processing plant butcher.

210# bone saw machine is for cutting chicken meat and bone, frozen meat and bone, and small working load for Ox Bone, sheep bone.

250# bone saw machine is for large workload of cutting chicken meat bone, fish bone, frozen meat bone, and large workload for cattle bone, lamb bone.
260# bone saw machine is updated, solid one motor box and waterproof, heavy workload for cutting cattle bones, sheep bones, a whole chicken, a whole fish, a whole duck, and sawing big bones in small workload.
310# bone saw machine is for heavy workload of big bones, such as ox bones, goat bones, whole turkey, whole cattle, whole sheep etc